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Welcome New Student!

Our Assessment process is designed to help match students to classes that are most appropriate for the student’s own skill level. Taking your  time to complete the assessments will benefit you, as we will be able to match specifically to you the most appropriate college courses.

Logging In

Only new students who have received a Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) confirmation can access the placement assessments on this site. In order to log in you will need your new Albion College Student ID number.

Your Albion College Student ID number can be found on the SOAR confirmation letter, just below your name in the upper left hand corner. Be sure to include any beginning zeros when you log in, it requires all 9 digits. The Student ID number is used as both the username and as the password.

If you don’t know your Student ID number, please contact the SOAR Office for assistance.


If you encounter difficulty in using this site, please email for assistance or call the Help Desk (Mon-Fri, 8-5) at 517/629/0479.

Disability Accommodations for Online Placement Exams is available if you require special accommodations for any of these online assessments. Please contact the Learning Support Center for assistance or call 517-629-0825.


Your assessment test can only be submitted once.   Because the exams are long, they span several “pages.”  You should save your answers on each page so you can return later if need (for example, if your computer crashes), but once you submit your exam you cannot go back.

Available Courses

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